Since 2011 the Planetary Healing Artists (Healing Arts) have presented an annual group art exhibition each year with a different theme. Last year, we organized  One World Multifaith/Multicultural Art Exhibition for world peace from 21st September – 1st October 2017


The Opening Celebration was on UN International Peace Day, on the 21st September 2017, with wonderful cultural music and multicultural food shared that evening. Faith artists, Justin Edwards, Kerrin Samuel, Lloyd Godman and faith leader, Father Bob Maguire were invited to discuss the importance of their art in bringing people together for World Peace. The audience experienced the artist’s journey’, so understanding could grow and boundaries broken down.


It was an artistic exploration of spirituality, faith and belief, dedicated to World Peace. Artists from the City of Port Phillip, and further afield, exhibited their works. Thirty-eight artists were represented covering around sixty amazing artworks.


The “One World” Multi-faith / Inter-spiritual Art Exhibition was generously funded by the City of Port Phillip, supported by COMMON, Women’s Interfaith Network Foundation and other Multifaith Networks. The exhibition was held to promote understanding and compassion, to unite for peace and the common goal of a better world for all humanity. A variety of innovative art works celebrated the theme One World, through the visual arts, and explored the common connections between people from diverse faiths and beliefs, for a harmonious humanity. Artists shared their beliefs and spirituality, drawing from their inner life experiences, reflections and personal journeys. Together We Made A Difference joining together to spread peace, love and unity.


Our Art Exhibition theme for this year 2018, is to be decided. Perhaps we will continue with our theme for World Peace.




2017 One World multifaith, multicultural, inter-spiritual art exhibition was held at 4dverse in Carlisle Street, St Kilda.

2016 Making Our Mark was held at Kingston Town Hall collaborating with other organizations.

2015 New Earth art exhibition was held at the Conscious Living Festival at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

2014 Oh my Gaia art exhibition with 23 artists exhibiting, was held at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion in West St Kilda.

2013 Planetary Healing Artists’ had an art exhibition, also called Healing the Bay, connecting with 32 artists all around the bay at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park. At the Opening we had Healing ceremonies for the Bay to cleanse the bay of any toxins.

2012 Planetary Healing Artists’ presented another art exhibition called Healing the Bay at the Galleon Cafe, 9 Carlisle St, St Kilda for the City of Port Phillip.

2011 The art exhibition Endangered was extended for another two weeks in association with St Kilda arts hub, at the Dog’s Bar. It featured eight local artists addressing concerns about endangered flora and fauna.