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Rare Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction April 4, 2020

On April 4/5 2020, we will experience a fantastic moment of a Jupiter and Pluto conjunction. At this time, Jupiter and Pluto will join together in the sky.

We as a people can take this beautiful opportunity to also join together during this stressful pandemic. On April4th/5th 2020, we ask you to join us to in Mass Mediation that will unite people all over the world, and work towards healing Planet Earth.

Take this opportunity to join with each other and collectively come together to be still and heal together across our planet.

This Mass Meditation, the Ascension Timeline Meditation will take place on April 4/5, 2020 at exactly 10:45 pm EDT, for 20 minutes. Let us create the greatest collection of meditators at this one point of stillness and peace.

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