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Poetry Readings – Sunday Afternoon Teas 3-5pm

To further our mission, in 2022 we are holding a quarterly series of poetry readings and open mic, starting on 20th February, 2022. Each session will have a theme:

  • Conserving the Earth: environment, industrialisation, urbanisation, etc
  • War and peace: how many are aware that Winnie the Pooh, Narnia, Middle Earth and the White Goddess were born in the mud and trenches of the First World War? Can art heal? 
  • Displaced people: the internally displaced, refugees, migrants, exiles (Lest we forget the civilians?) and…
  • Freedom and human rights

All are welcome, either to read out an original poem or the poem of another relating to the particular theme, or just attend as a listener. The Poetry sessions will be online if we are in lockdown. The events are free but registration is essential for each one. Please put in the subject line “Poetry Registration” and email: for more details.

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