Our gallery was named Minerva because:

“Minerva was the Roman virgin goddess of handicrafts, learning and the arts, encompassing poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, dyeing, crafts, magic, trade and war. She was said to be the inventor of numbers and musical instruments.”

Minerva is often depicted with her sacred creature: an owl – the ‘owl of Minerva’ – that symbolizes her ties to wisdom”. 

Past Events:

2018 Caroline Proctor ​

Exhibition: “A Spiritual Journey” by Caroline Proctor’s – January to August 2018.

“The current artworks are a depiction of the Spiritual journey I have been on for many years, from the love of nature to the devotional works, of the seen and unseen Spiritual Gods and Masters I have been inspired to paint.

During meditation and in dreams, as well as by simply receiving inner prompts whilst painting, the images come to be represented. I am always humbled by the beauty that arises.

These images began with roses and flowers, then coming angels and dolphins, leading to the fairy kingdom in nature.

In later years the Divine Masters presented themselves , such as Sathya Sai Baba, Lord Buddha, and Ganesha.

The healing power and beauty of color has also played a major role for me in the work, feeling the individual strength that each color brings.

The magic of producing these works has been to enliven each painting using guided colors and lines, to reflect the beautiful energy and soul of whats being represented.

The effect of the work over the years, has shown to bring inner peace and healing for those who have spent time gazing at them, relating to the images. I hope you can experience this for yourself at this Planetary Healing Artists exhibition.”

2017 Lee Hirsh​

Exhibition: Sept – Dec 2017.

Through the use of tactile elements, tangible and simulated, I have developed an eclectic style and my own intuitive visual language, which enables me to reveal myself and share my ‘insights’.

Please find pictures of my artwork attached. Also feel free to visit my online galleries at https://creativeleehirsh.wordpress.com/

2017 Lauriane Gardet​

A celebration of the Opening of Minerva Gallery and the first Art Exhibition ‘Lilou in the Pacifique’ (April till August 2017) was by Lauriane Gardet with her amazing art works on the 5th April 2017 between 2pm-3.30pm. This coincided with an afternoon tea party for our supporters who make everything possible.

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