Planetary Healing Artists | Artists
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Anies Suzukawa
Anies is from Lyon in France. She spent five years living in Japan before coming to Australia twenty eight years ago, Anies began painting twenty years ago on wood (folkart), murals, mirrors, lamps, and furniture.  Fifteen years ago Anies started ceramic painting. Her next step was to buy a kiln and little by little the small group of painters she started with has grown into a large international group.

Deborah Punton (Greensong)
Deb studied Chinese Brushpainting for 5 years in Singapore.  “I like many aspects of this style – from the pure intention of the painting to the practical use of natural materials. My paintings are inspired by the innate awe, beauty and sensory benefits I feel in nature. I facilitate individual workshops teaching this technique combined with Ecopsychology methods of reconnecting with nature.”

A Healing Doll Artist and Art Therapist, Lisa’s medicine dolls and art are birthed from a place of connection and wisdom that has come from an oftentimes arduous inner journey. By connecting with and healing our “sore spots”, we uncover the compassion and energy needed to care for our beautiful but ailing planet.

Helena Jalanka
Helena is a Finnish designer currently living in Melbourne. She is interested in exploring the curiosities of our everyday environments and presenting nature in new media.

Lee Hirsh
Through the use of tactile elements, tangible and simulated, Lee has developed an eclectic style and her own intuitive visual language, which enables her to reveal herself and share her ‘insights’.