About Us

Planetary Healing Artists


Planetary Healing Artists’ (Healing Arts) is a forum for healers, artists, performers, writers and all creatives. Healing artists are from all backgrounds and belief systems. We come together with a  common goal to raise awareness and involve the community for a sustainable future. Through engaging people’s minds and hearts, with the transformative power of art, healing & creativity, we organise Divinely inspired exhibitions and events held annually.



Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia Inc.’s key purpose is to encourage creativity through art and performance,

sharing the spirit of peace and harmony.


We achieve this by organising cultural and community exhibitions and events which nurture greater social unity.

We are committed to heal and protect our planet and all of its inhabitants.


The Planetary Healing Artists Association is a non-for-profit group of creatives, healers, artists including visual artists, performers, writers, musicians, and friends. Planetary Healing Artists’ association is an incorporated association run by volunteers only. A committee is elected by the membership of 72 with an email list over 300. Our committee members are from various cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. The Group based in the City of Port Phillip and conducting most of its activities in the municipality regularly have meetings, social gatherings, and informal meetings to develop and plan projects in the City of Port Phillip.


President: Maria Jevic
Vice President: David Clisby
Secretary: David Bowering
Membership Secretary – Kim Chua
Treasurer: Peter Bromley
Assistant Treasurer: Robert Stewart

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