Planetary Healing Artists | One World’s last day is tomorrow 1pm-8pm
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One World’s last day is tomorrow 1pm-8pm

One World’s last day is tomorrow 1pm-8pm

Some of the Planetary Healing Artists are in the featured photo. Thank you for making this World Peace art exhibition possible everyone. This has been amazing for all of us coming together for this special time that is so much needed:

A big thank you City of Port Phillip Community Neighbourhood Programs Grant, Women’s Interfaith Network, Centre of Melbourne Multifaith and Others Network, and all the Planetary Healing Artists’ Team for organizing the art exhibition and to all the artists who joined us. Thank you to our special guests Father Bob, Cr Tim Baxter, Justin Denison, Lloyd Godman, Kerrin Samuel, Jessiee Kaur Singh and Renau Gay for the wonderful multicultural music. Thank you to Vegilicious for the lovely food and all the people who brought the multi cultural dishes, especially Jessiee for the Indian food, Kerrin for Jewish new year cakes, and all the people that helped with waitressing Mary, Tia, Bushra, Julie, Lee and Jeanette.

Some of the artwork that couldn’t be displayed are in the video below. Thank you Victor for the video and all the photos you took. Thank you Avisha Barmatan for the music in the video.


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