Planetary Healing Artists | Kerrin Samuel is preparing for the One World art exhibition
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Kerrin Samuel is preparing for the One World art exhibition

Kerrin Samuel is preparing for the One World art exhibition

Kerrin is an award winning artist who creates art-works of exuberance, beauty and emotion that explore the human experience and revel in the joy of living.  Born in Africa and having lived all over the world, settling in Australia, Kerrin’s subjects are generally happy and emotive, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, religion and observations of humanity so as to evoke emotions in her audience – usually joy and love, but she also occasionally engages thought-provoking, stormier or more controversial themes that illustrate humanity in all its forms.

In Kerrin’s artwork, she aims to explore how art can create a conversation to connect cultures by means of common threads that impact us all.  She sees this artwork as form of communication, which, although it may stem from a particular heritage, transcends cultural boundaries to get the viewer thinking.   Kerrin says the intention is to display a snapshot of life, using mixed media, loose brush strokes and a pallet knife to create a sense of freedom within the actual painting as well as celebrating the imperfections indicative of our humanity.

The piece in the featured image is meant as a social commentary to highlight how attitudes have changed or remained the same over the years.  And with print media becoming increasingly rare in this digital world, the articles incorporated are essentially carefully selected historical documents that recount moments in history as well as contemporarily that affect most of us, highlighting that people are not as different from one another as they sometimes believe.

The focal feature of the artwork is the Hamsa, a Middle Eastern symbol of a stylized hand, which is said to bring its owner protection, prosperity and happiness.  Kerrin has incorporated pieces of her own history and culture into this piece, including a blessing over the home for whomever possesses it.  Besides the obvious emotions that the articles may invoke in the viewer, Kerrin has also included universally desired themes of love, peace, freedom, abundance and light and hope.

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