Planetary Healing Artists | Watch Summer Solstice 2016 Video – now ready!
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Watch Summer Solstice 2016 Video – now ready!

Watch Summer Solstice 2016 Video – now ready!

Here is the Video link for 2016 Solstice Global Healing event:

Planetary Healing Artists’ annual summer solstice event was celebrated on the 18th of December 2016 and was opened by the Deputy Mayor of St Kilda – Kathleen Copsey. We celebrated this magical event with a beautiful Welcome to Country lead by local Boonwurrong people Caroline Martin and her husband Mark.

  A big thank you to all those that made this Solstice Global Healing event happen:  our supporters City of Port Phillip Local Festival Fund for most of the financial support, Terese Schalaike, Deputy Mayor of CoPP, Kathleen Copsey, Di Sneddon and Events Team, Caroline and Mark Martin from the Yalik Willem Boonwurrong people, Fr Bob Maguire for being there & Unveiling the Solstice Artwork, Port Phillip Multifaith Network, Galliamble Men’s Recovery Centre, Women’s Interfaith Network & Centre of Melbourne Multifaith and Others Networks – President Jessiee Kaur Singh,  & all the wonderful Guests, Beachcomber Cafe, Michael Danby MP, Bunnings Store – Port Melbourne, Coles-St Kilda, Woolworths-Balaclava, St Kilda News, Diversity Newsletter of Port Phillip, Planetary Healing Artists’ team for the enormous effort of getting it all organized. Planetary Healing Artists’ committee (Maria Jevic, Josephine Thomas, Peter Millar, Mary Rogers, Steve Yarrow & Sharon Edmunds) & the team of volunteers (Maj Tuxwell, Loretta Pavlovic, Victor, Margaret, Danielle Rogers, & all those who took part in the Art Workshop creating the group art work, Neil McLean, Rod Neilson & Simon, plus artists that blessed our event, Arrows Video Production for filming and Victor Lazar for the photography. A heartfelt thanks to the many that I have forgotten to mention.

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