Planetary Healing Artists | Claire Humphrys debriefs on Healing Heart workshop
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Claire Humphrys debriefs on Healing Heart workshop

Claire Humphrys debriefs on Healing Heart workshop

We held our Healing Heart workshop at Mary Kehoe Community Centre, Albert Park on the 10th of December 2016.

Facilitated by local artist Claire Humphrys, participants came from near and far to engage in the free art workshop.

The event began with a healing meditation which set the stage for a focused Work-In.
Various traditional art processes were used to create a richly textured Healing Heart banner.

Fun was had by all who attended. Even Father Bob dropped in to give the work-in-progress his blessing.

Afternoon Tea was provided: this was much appreciated after the intense creative effort given by all.

Many thanks to Maria, CEO of Healing Planetary for the opportunity to engage folk in the creative process. Thanks also to Ashlee Bennett for assisting.

The banner will be unveiled at the Catani Gardens Solstice Global Healing  event on 18th December 2016 by veteran priest Father Bob Maguire who added this phrase to the banner “Were all in this Together”

Claire Humphrys, Artist


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