Planetary Healing Artists | Possum Skin Cloak: Artist Caroline Martin
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Possum Skin Cloak: Artist Caroline Martin

Possum Skin Cloak: Artist Caroline Martin


Today the City of Port Phillip hosted a launch for a recently commissioned possum skin cloak designed and made by Boon Wurrang artist, Caroline Martin. It was a meaningful moment in Port Phillip history as the display of the cloak pays testament to an acknowledged shared local and national history.

“The cloak was designed and made by Boon Wurrung Creative, Caroline Martin and features clan designs and a map of Port Phillip Bay which is known in the Boon Wurrung language as ‘Nairm’. Traditionally possum skin cloaks were given to the young at birth who then cumulated more skins as they grew throughout their life. Only a handful of traditional cloaks remain intact in museums around the world.” – City of Port Phillip

Several of our volunteers were in attendance to welcome the cloak into its new home. The welcome to country address and Caroline’s speech were both very moving. Pop down to the town hall to see it in person!

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