Planetary Healing Artists | 2014 Solstice Global Healing report
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2014 Solstice Global Healing report

2014 Solstice Global Healing report

21st December 2014
A Memorable “Solstice Global Healing” Interfaith event organized by the Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia was broadcast Australia wide on Channel 7 the same night as the event to spread the message of a much needed peace for our fellow man.


A Report written by Rev Willy Vloedmans – a guest at the Solstice Global Healing event:
 “This year’s Solstice Global Healing theme was healing the family and this theme was very apt as the world was sickened by the terrorist attacks in Sydney and Pakistan where many innocent lives were lost, and then in Cairns a mother killed 7 of her children plus another child.
 In times of such sorrow there is little one person can do however this ceremony brought together many different religions and social representatives encouraging religious acceptance and the importance of family.
 Each speaker spoke from the heart and did not rely on their scriptures, however Moshim Mohammed representing Islam quoted from the Quaran ‘if you kill one innocent person then it is like Killing all of humanity …’ The recent terrorist attacks are not caused by religion but the political hijacking of religious groups.
 St Kilda has a diverse culture and religious base and it’s an honour to share this day with all these groups.  Many times I heard my words coming from other speakers.  All religions have a common core and this event reminds us of what is common.
 The welfare groups reinforced the need for family which was poignantly expressed by Les Twentyman’s stories about children without families especially a child who collected all the wrapping paper as she wanted to preserve the feeling of getting a present, probably her very first.
 There should be no division between social and welfare groups, cultures and religions.  The following list shows just how diverse the representatives were and how necessary events like this are:

Indigenous Smoking Ceremony, Dean Stewart, Senior Boonwurrong Rep
Cr Serge Tonemann, Port Philip Council – Opening Ceremony

Father Bob Maguire, Father Bob Maguire foundation
Peter Costa, Bahai faith
Laura Chen and Weekeat, Druma Drum Mountain Buddhists
Bhakta Dasa, Hindu faith
Jasbir Singh with his daughter Amrit Kaur, Sikh Interfaith Council Victoria
Rabbi Dovid Tsop, Judaism
Moshim Mohammed Islam
Rev Willy Vloedmans, Victorian Spiritualism Union
Kayleen White, Pagan
Jan Lester, Scientology
Lavina Edmunds, a child singer
Rick McInerheney & family, Family Federation for World Peace
Victor Holder with his sister Ramona Yagni, director of 4DVERSE community centre in St Kilda
Les Twentyman, support for kids with their families
Simone Jamieson, Community Developmnt Co-ordinator at Elwood St Kida Neighbourhood learning Centre
Louis, Galiamble (indigenous art)
Mark Doneddu, nutrionist
Nada Kamoo, Revive, Reclaim, Renew & Refresh
Luz Restrepo, Sisterworks
Michael Bellas, author It’s O.K. to grieve for Yourself
Father Turi Hollis, Christchurch, St Kilda, Christianity with Maori choir 

Jamel & Jessie Kaur Singh, Women’s Interfaith Network representatives 
Also we were treated to have:
Matthew Fagan, guitarist
Hal Tropp, didgeridoo
Sun Goddess, a magical being from another realm born from the artist’s (Mandy Pickett) original creation as representing the sun’s healing rays
Santa, with presents for everyone as it was close to Christmas Day.

Another part of the afternoon was the Releasing of the Doves as a symbol of peace and unity.
There were many behind the scene works which helped make this day special, starting with Mia, Event Manager, and the Planetary Healing Artists Team for their organising of this event, those who prepared the food and the team that constructed the stage and sound system.

If you want to feel love and healing all you need do is attend next year’s Solstice Global Healing event”.
A big thank you to all those that made this Global Healing event happen:  our supporters Port Phillip Local Festival Fund for most of the financial support,Terese Schalaike, Diane Sneddon and Events Team, Serge Thonmann & Port Phillip Multfaith Network, Women’s Interfaith Network & COMMON – President Jessiee Kaur Singh, Beachcomber Cafe, MP Michael Danby, Windsor & Kew Bendigo Bank, Bunnings Store @ Port Melbourne, Coles – St Kilda, Officeworks – Prahran, Woolworths – Balaclava, Fleishers Cakes – Malvern, Glicks Bakery – East St Kilda, Sacred Heart Parish, Galliamble, St Kilda News, Nova Magazine, Diversity Newsletter of Port Phillip, Planetary Healing Artists committee (Mia Jeffries, Fr Turi Hollis, Peter Millar, Miriam Garcia, Michael Bellas) & team of volunteers (Mary Rogers, Arundell  Crapp, Lisa Fam & all those who took part in the Art Workshop creating the Mandala, Sharon Edmunds, Loretta Pavlovic,  Neil McLean, Rod Neilson, Simon, Louis Delaney, Ricardo, Angelina, Yuna Lee  & David Aguilar) for the enormous effort of getting it all organized. A big thank you to Mark Hammersely, Viv Parry, Estelle Rozinski, & Aunty Bea for organizing the amazing Prayer Flags made by the Galiamble guys, Winja and art groups in Sydney & Melbourne – Nala Nanga Mai paARenT & smARTspace artists that blessed our event, Dianne Hollis & Simone Jamieson for sewing the prayer flags, Erii Nugraha for graphics of posters, Steve Yarr for filming and Adrian Neyland for photography. We thank all the participants and guests and all those we may have forgotten to mention.

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