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Upcoming art workshops for Communal Mandala

Create the World in which you want to live!

Artwork created using only the written word.

Join the Planetary Healing Artists in creating a large communal Mandala to be displayed at the St. Kilda Peace Pageant and Peace Art Exhibition for International Day of Peace 21st September 2019.

First workshop to be held on 19th July 1-3pm at Mary Kehoe Centre, Danks Rd, Albert Park.

Admission free.  Come and be part of a peaceful, healing, fun day. Bookings are essential as day and time may change. Contact Silvana  or 0411520334

Peace Mandalas are purposely created to promote peace.  They come in the form of concentric circles within which are written positive words. Words are written on special Mandala papers using pens, and depending on the individual creativity, patterns and designs can be formed through the written words. Words hold energy.  By writing bright words filled with gratitude and love we can encourage the development of a more accurate self-image, sensitivity to others, emotional balance, inner peace and a deep compassion for humanity.  The power of these words is poured into the mandala as we write.

Mandalas encourage creativity and imagination, leading to some extraordinary art works. They are an inspiring, limitless tool for creating peace, understanding and healing.