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Melbourne Premier Screening for Art and Peace Documentary

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“This film reaches from our past to our collective future and is now becoming part of the international dialogue on art and peace.” – William Kelly.

Can Art Stop a Bullet? William Kelly’s Big Picture made its Melbourne premiere at Cinema Nova on the 27th February this year.

Follow artist and peace activist William Kelly as he creates the monumental artwork ‘Peace or War/The Big Picture’ and travels the globe.

Kelly engages with more than 30 prominent international artists such as Martin Sheen, Nick Ut and Dr Rama Mani as well as with Australian indigenous artist Ben McKeown and activist Rose Lester.

The film had its USA premier at the UN film festival in San Francisco recently and has been invited to screen at the United Nations in Geneva next May.  The film has won a number of awards and endorsements ahead of its Australian premiere in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.