Annually since 2012 the Planetary Healing Artists’ Association of Australia Inc. (Healing Arts) has sponsored a free, cultural community event on the occasion of the Summer Solstice. Each year has a different theme to promote Healing in some way.

The Summer Solstice is when our planet Earth is closest to the sun and is the longest and brightest day of the year. Many cultures  since ancient times, have thought this day to be auspicious.

The Healing Arts have presented many Indigenous, Spiritual and Faith Leaders from different inter-spiritual, inter-cultural, environmental, and local organizations. Guest include: Reverend Father Bob Macguire; a representative from the Mayor’s Office; the Sun Goddess who bestows special healing magic; Father Christmas; and many surprise guests and organisations that attend to inspire us.

Our theme this year is Soul Healing. This is to be our seventh Solstice Global Healing event, returning to welcome you to come and join us at this special time. Healing the Soul promotes healing for the individual, like a ripple in a pond, it goes out to the community, then globally.

Be involved in an Indigenous cleansing ceremony, hear great music, have fun and have food in the surrounding restaurants. Enjoy healing and participating for your health and well-being. Meet and network with people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds, while dancing and interacting with the music and connecting with us for World Peace.

In our world, in our times, we hope to heal and to create souls of loving kindness. When we are healed and linked all people, all races, all philosophies and all religions can work together to achieve world peace.

The Solstice event will conclude with the symbol of  Releasing the Doves (homing doves) to promote unity for world peace. Together we make a difference.

The Healing Arts is a group of creatives, who seek to create a peaceful co-existence and co-operation for peace and harmony among all our fellow humanity together as brothers and sisters.

The Healing Artists promote a philosophy and culture for the healing and care-taking of all of life on our planet and all sentient beings.

We aim to accomplish these goals through our artistic and healing pursuits such as our Solstice Global Healing event. Together we are one.



We plan to have our Solstice on the 10th December. This year’s theme will be Healing the Earth and the day will take place at Acland Plaza, St Kilda.


Reminiscent of last year’s event, we gathered together to form a magnificent piece of group artwork to heal the heart. The sun shone on our Summer Solstice Global Healing Day this year, which was again held at Catani Gardens, St Kilda. The theme for this solstice event was Healing the Heart.


An art workshop was also held prior to the Solstice event, where a beautiful group artwork was made and later unveiled at the event. The Summer Solstice Global Healing Day was again held at Catani Gardens, St Kilda. The theme for this solstice event was Healing the Self.


An art workshop was held prior to the Solstice event, in which a beautiful group mandala was made to be unveiled at the event. The Summer Solstice Global Healing Day was held at Catani Gardens, St Kilda. The theme of this solstice event was Healing the Family.


We hosted our second Summer Solstice Global Healing event, a free community-based interfaith, multicultural event. The theme of the event was Healing the Children.


The Planetary Healing Artists’ organized our first Global Healing Day event at Catani Gardens, St Kilda foreshore with around 30 participants and 200 or more people in attendance. The event theme was Healing the Planet, and later would be known as our first Solstice event. Indigenous Elders performed a traditional Smoking Ceremony, people of many different faiths, spiritual and local groups, poets, artists, musicians, environmentalists connected for this Healing event for peace and harmony. Planetary Healing Artists’ showcased the symbolism of co-operation, interracial communication, acceptance, peace and love between all people. No group was excluded, and all were welcome.

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