Victorian Pride Centre – Exterior 1

Victorian Pride Centre - Exterior 1

Brearley Architects and Urbanists (BAU) and Grant Amon Architects (GAA)
Victorian Pride Centre - Exterior 1
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The building has a strong identity, clearly different from the commercial architecture of Fitzroy Street, but it is also respectful of its context. It reaches out to Fitzroy Street and blurs the line between the interior and St Kilda’s street life, but also provides a secure place for the LGBTQI community. The Galleria, the VPC ellipsoid atrium, the Forum, the theatre-cinema, and rooftop facilities are unique spaces for the LGBTQI community and the community in general to engage"

Through the "raw, robust armature of conceptual tubes" it's the ability to extract urban issues and issues of the specifics to the Victorian Pride Centre "generates change, encourages difference, diversity, and inclusion.